Welcome to my original art and Fine Art Photography

August 2009:
Welcome to the Original Art segment of my new site

In August I have consolidated samples of my fine art photography and original artwork examples to this newly created site. Thanks for your visit and your interest.

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more infomation to come, thanks for your visit.


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ill title

ill titleOriginal Art and Fine Photography




"Abstract Flowers in the sun " is an artistic photoshop altered photograph extracted from an original image in wich sunlight streamed into a window and lighted the plant at a sharp angle




"Cityscape II " is a 27' x 34" oil on canvas abstract exercise loosly influenced by the works of Anna Razumovskaya. This piece was painted entirely with a pallet knife, and was originally intended to be a pure abstract, but morphed into a cityscape series before it was completed



" Swing art " is an artistic altered original photograph sourced from my archives and shot in Bush Stadium Aug 2008. Native digital source 2000 x 1000



Old Bush Stadium Aug 15, 1987 is a conserved photo of the old Bush Staidum in Downtown St. Louis extracted from my film stock photo files. Rolled 20" x 30" color reprints are availiable for $40.00




" Sculpture de Brindille " is an abstract stick wood sculpture intended to be a 3 dimensional metophor of artist stick sketch exercises. Stick sculpture is part of my experimentation in alternative media and employs the use of scrap materials from my wood shop that otherwise would have been discarded.




" Tramoto di Mediterian " is my original work employing oil pastel on paper and is currently framed under glass at 18" x 24". Tramoto di Mediterian is an exercise loosly inspired by Claude Monet's, San Giorgio Maggiore at Twilight, Venice Italy (1906) Monet's work is classically and academically referenced as one of the ground breaking paintings to inspire the impressionist era. This subject was an excellent exercise to test the pastel medium. mountain_&_pond.jpg

" mountain pond " original oil painting on masonite wood siding 11" x 14" framed