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Technical Projects Portfolio

  • Bryan 316 Renovation
  • Rosenbaum Memorial
  • Motorola Fixtures
  • Lab Trainer
  • Transparent CD Player
  • Machine Room layout
  • Portable Video System
  • On-The-Board"
  • St. Louis University
  • The Roller-Bot


  • Physics TEMPO: The Newsletter of
    The St. Louis Area Physics Teachers (SLAPT)

  • Website: The St. Louis Area Physics Teachers (SLAPT)

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    September 2009:
    Welcome to my improved personal web site. In July and August I endeavored to explore fresh look and combined all my creative services under the new domain Some of these services include industrial photography, technical writing, and legacy video tape digital transfers to digital video.

    Following this site upgrade I added this fresh look to my personal site which includes my professional portfolio and personal interest links. Picture of the day is one of my pet projects, and I usually rotate that imagery every 3-weeks.


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