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I Offer a wide variety of digital image and document services and have a strong presence in the conversion of legacy video tape (home movies) to DVD or video computer media files. Over the past 7 years I have converted hundreds of video tapes to DVD for famlies inlcuding entire video collections. The single most distinctive service I offer is the combination of multiple tapes onto one DVD at no additional cost !!! I use only Apple Macintosh Computers and Sony video gear in my conversion suites.

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swing_art_230.jpg All my Sony Video Decks have intergal (TBC) Time base correction circuitry that has offered the ability to recover instable video footage that in many instances will not play on conventional analog playback equipment. A second step I can offer includes post-processing of digital video by applying one or more digital filters such as Noise reduction, Detelecine, and Deinterlacing. Post processing is very machine intensive, hence I have a fleet of computers for this purpose. I maintain conversion abilities for legacy video tape formats in VHS and 8mm NTSC, 8mm Hi8 and 8mm Digital and MiniDV and consumer Betamax I also offer digital scanning for slides, negatives, photo prints, and documents as well as performing restoration of such images and large format color printing.  

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