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ill titleLegacy video tape conversion 2019

I will convert video from any popular video tape format including Sony Betamax into any digital format you may want. This includes output to DVD or digital video media files. For DVD output I will audit your unknown video tapes for Family Video, assemble that video from multiple tapes, and work with you to title, and index that video into a 3 1/2 hour menu driven DVD of all your family video. I can digitally transfer and output your video tapes to computer files you can edit yourself. I can save you costs by combining video from short tapes to DVD with no cost for tape count. For 2019 --- $20.00 for any DVD with up to 3 1/2 hours of video. All final DVD's regardless of their source tape count is just $20.00 with no charge for tape count. All the DVD's I produce can be copied with off-the-shelf computer software... no copy protection is used.

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studio2017.jpg I primarily us Sony and JVC video equipment and Apple Macintosh Computers for native video conversion. I maintain conversion abilities for legacy video tape formats in VHS and 8mm NTSC, 8mm Hi8 and 8mm Digital, MiniDV and Sony Betamax. Contact me directly for discussion of your project. Most of my business comes from referrals and my clients trust me with entire family collections of video tapes.

ill titleOther video tape technical services

I can also transfer video from formerly "copy protected" video tapes. I can repair broken or damaged video tapes for no charge when these tapes are part of a family video tape conversion project. I have on many occasions transferred business training video tapes to digital formats for playing on computers or output to DVD.